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Who we are

A typical “About Us” page describes the history of a company in terms that make a bout of narcolepsy seem inevitable. The kind of “boilerplate text” you can find on almost any business website. DVF is not your typical copy-and-paste type of company – we’re unique in how we approach business, our processes, and how we deal with our clients.

This uniqueness stems from the fact that in the last few years alone we’ve faced challenges and growth that would sound like a fairytale (retold in the style of Tim Burton) if we went into detail on it, so we’ll save you the hassle of having to read several paragraphs of verbal fluff that doesn’t really tell you anything about who we are, or what we do. What we will share is we not only survived the economic recession of 2008 – 2012, but that we came out the other side of it stronger and more productive than ever.

So, for example, we could say that DVF is a highly-specialised B2B printing facility – that’s a great strapline for any business. What this really means though is that we work with businesses to help them deliver on their graphic design, printing and brand-building goals. We’ve also expanded into providing a variable data/personalised marketing service for our customers. If you have a printing requirement we can make it happen, all with the help of our graphic design team, Simon and Adele.

But, at a higher level you benefit from dealing directly with the DVF management team. This provides you – our customers – with a team willing and able to engage with your business at multiple levels, and not a faceless web-based business, where the only time you speak with your print and design supplier is via email, or when you’re submitting an online order form. Or when your order arrives, and it’s wrong in so many ways that you simply lose count.

Our experience spans the complete spectrum of local, national and international business, including a number of prestigious educational institutes, and international companies who rely on us for their critical printing needs.

Based on what we saw during the recent economic downturn we started an internship program, providing local graduates with opportunities to gain real-world experience in a bustling print business. In addition to this, DVF are also co-sponsors of the Waterford-based ‘Fuse:d’ graphic design forum, providing new and existing designers with a way to network with businesses in their industry.

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Principles of our work

Quality Control

All of our printing equipment is checked and calibrated daily, ensuring that you get consistent printing quality each time you order from us.

Trust & Partnership

You benefit from dealing directly with the DVF management team. Both Declan and Bill have a lot of “skin in the game”, thanks to several decades of working in the print and marketing industries.

Problem Solving

Here at DVF we love edge cases, we like solving problems for our clients. Challenge us, you will be impressed.

Personalised Service

We love what we do, and that shows in the work we produce. There’s probably a lot more we could say here, but we’d prefer to do that over the phone with you, or maybe even over a coffee, talk to us today!

Meet the DVF team

Bill Deevy

Managing Director

Declan Dower

Financial Director

Simon Beechey

Senior Graphic Designer

Adele Flynn

Graphic Designer
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Our clients

Waterford City & County Council
MW Keller
Mean Bean Coffee Company
Carten Controls
Blacksmith Stoves
Sienna Furniture