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Covid 19 – Updated Customer Contact Processes

Please check out our suggestions below before planning to visit our premises during this difficult time. We owe it to all the medical professionals to collectively do our bit to flatten the curve. To all medical staff working tirelessly, we thank you for your service. You are in our thoughts and prayers. To minimise social…

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catalog rolled

5 Reasons Why Catalogues Are Essential Marketing Tools

Back in the days before e-commerce, catalogue shopping ruled the world. Well, maybe not quite “ruled”, but people were careful to keep their various catalogues safe for shopping season, birthdays, and the anniversary they always forget. People have repeated this same behaviour since the first shopping catalogue was produced in 1498. In fact, if you…

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printed brochures

The Untapped Power of Printed Marketing Literature

Everyone around you seems to be telling you to focus on digital marketing, email lists, SEO or social media marketing. This advice usually comes from people who want to sell you something…usually their digital marketing services. Or a really expensive course on digital marketing, usually with outdated information and techniques. The truth is there are…

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The Faith Journey of The Deise People – A DVF Project

At DVF our business model is that of a print and graphic design solutions provider. While that sounds like a great business tagline (and we agree, it is), it probably doesn’t provide very much insight into what we do on a day-to-day basis. Yes, we obviously do cater for large-format, commercial and all other types…

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key lime typography mistake

13 Embarrassing Examples Of When Graphic Design Goes Wrong

Designing packaging, logos and graphics is a skill that takes not just years of deliberate practice and refinement to perfect, but it also requires a keen eye for detail. It’s about understanding how each element works with everything else on the page or packaging. Embarrassing, and sometimes hilarious, mistakes happen when you don’t pay attention…

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how to look unprofessional

5 Reasons Not To Invest In Pop-up Banners (2018)

You’ve seen pop-up banners at most of the trade shows or networking events you’ve attended. In fact, you’ve probably seen them in your competitor’s front offices, or at their stand at the same business events mentioned above. You can see them from a mile away, and they do seem to get a lot of attention…

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aol squiggle logo

5 Business Logos You Won’t Believe Exist

A logo might not seem like a big deal. After all, it’s just an image used to represent your business, and aren’t all logos basically the same? But where a lot of businesses falter is not placing nearly enough importance on their logo, and what it says about their business. They decide to have it…

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DVF Hosts Weekly Connect Effect Meeting

Our fellow Connect Effect members arrived at our premises in Tycor Business Park at 8am, and networked for 15 minutes with a warm beverage of their choice, before I presented for 20 minutes and then gave them a guided tour of our facility. Connect Effect has been actively encouraging members to host one of our…

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How To Prepare Your Files For Printing

You’ve spent the last few weeks working on an important project, and now it’s finally ready for printing and distribution. You’re excited because you know your printing company always does a great job, but have you ever wondered if your document, or artwork, is actually ready to send to a professional print press?   Operating…

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